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Windscreen Chips

Windscreen Chips in

Don't let windscreen chips become a nuisance - act now!  Our quick and efficient mobile windscreen chip repair service utilises a hi-tech polyresin and a specialist vacuum pump so that windscreen chips and bulls-eyes can easily be repaired.

Q - How does windscreen repair work?

A – Most windscreen damage appears black. The black is air trapped between the laminate and inter layer (PVB). The repair process is designed to fill the air space with a poly-resin all the way down to the inter-layer, completely filling all the voids. 

Q – Does the damage disappear completely when repaired?

A – Almost. Once a windscreen has been damaged there will always be a certain amount of visual impairment even after it's repaired. All the poly-resins we use are chemically matched to the refractive index of the glass making the break appear almost invisible. There will always be variables involved such as size and age of the damage but usually 85% or more clarity will be restored.

 Q – Is a windscreen repair safe?

A – Yes; the poly-resin when cured (using the UV lamp), bonds the repair area together resulting in a structurally sound repair that is resistant to further cracking.

Q – I’ve heard you can’t repair a chip in the driver’s line of vision. Is that true?

A – No, you just need to be slightly more cautious. It is important that the repair is visually acceptable so as not to draw the driver's attention away from concentrating on the road.

BS AU 242a: 1998

Repairs are now permitted, as follows subject to age and condition of damage.

ZONE A:      Damage within a circle of 10mm in diameter.

ZONE B:      Damage within a circle of 15mm in diameter.

ZONE C:      Damage within a circle of 25mm in diameter.

ZONE D:      Damage within a circle of 40mm in diameter.

*If you have further damage you can add it to your quote by clicking "Add further damage".